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At YIZUMI, we empower you to leverage your strengths optimally. Explore our current openings to find a role that fits your expertise. Alternatively, consider a spontaneous application, articulating how your unique skill set can enrich our dynamic team. Your commitment to self-responsibility and innovation could be the perfect fit for our forward-thinking approach.

Injection Molding Machine Sales Manager

Primary: +2 years Injection Molding Machinery direct sales experience;
Secondarily: +2 years experience in a role servicing, operating, supporting, or designing injection molding machinery equipment, or auxiliary types of equipment.

Knowledge and Skills:
1. Fluent spoken and written English and Indian language (Sindhi and Gujarati), Native speaker; 2. Understanding of Injection Molding Machinery Equipment, including all electric, and hybrid machines;
3. Ability to communicate professionally and diplomatically with customers, 3rd party representatives and colleagues orally and in writing;
4. Ability to develop and make sales presentations;
5. Ability to collect and analyze market data, and develop sales plans and strategies;
6. Have a strong understanding of the Injection Molding Machinery market and competitive landscape;
7. Have a basic understanding of accounting; and a strong ability to understand costs, pricing, and margins to ensure the company’s ability to profit from sales activities;
8. Have a strong ability to negotiate;
9. Have a strong sense to protect the intellectual property and Brand of Yizumi and Yizumi-HPM; and handle confidential information in a secure way;
10. Ability to work independently without constant supervision;
11. Ability to make travel plans and arrangements to ensure on time visits to customers;
12. Basic ability to use office automation products such as computers, Microsoft office products, and smart phones etc.

Education Qualification and Major:
Primary: High School Diploma, or Equivalency; Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in an engineering related discipline would be ideal.

Roughly Three months per year in total, 5-6 business trips in africa countries.

India / Full-Time / 3-5 Years of Experience / Sales Department

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Die Casting Machine Engineer

2 years service work or technical support work experience in die casting machine industry or related industry.

Knowledge and Skills:
1. Ability to communicate in English or Chinese and Hindi
2. Ability to drive car;
3. Extensive knowledge in the trouble shooting and repairing of die casting machines, covering all aspects including controls, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems;
4. Ability to use computers, email systems, basic Microsoft Office Excel, Word and Powerpoint;
5. Ability to understand mechanical drawings, electrical and hydraulic schematics.

Education Qualification and Major:
1. College or bachelor degree;
2. Major in mechanical manufacturing, electric engineering, automation or metal material or equal;
3. Other education background but more than 2 years’ experience in die casting machine design, after-sales service or maintenance.

1. Participate in various training organized by technical service department to improve technical ability and comprehensive service ability.
2. Responsible for the plan suggestion or formulation of subsidiary stock spare parts.
3. Submit the summary of machine quality problems in the responsible area and put forward suggestions for machine quality improvement.
4. Responsible for making quarterly spare parts supplement plan according to regional situation
5. Responsible for assisting other colleagues of the subsidiary to complete the on-site inventory of spare parts warehouse of the subsidiary.
6. Follow all company and customer safety policies.
7. Install, repair, and maintain Die casting machine Machinery, ladler,sprayer, extractor, other peripherals, and related software, and control systems.
8. Perform all safety checks on the equipment.
9. Follow all of the company's procedures.
10. Demonstrate the use of the equipment, and provide customer training.
11. Troubleshoot machine failures and performance issues (Define service problem, collect data, establish facts, draw valid conclusions) and perform root cause analysis, and corrective actions. Document findings and actions.
12. Order replacement parts as required and document other worn parts which may need replaced in the future.
13. Respond quickly to customer problems via phone, email, or onsite in a prompt, courteous and professional way.
14. Provide maintenance and operation recommendations or on-site service to customers.
15. Provide written reports on all service calls, making sure to document key contacts, and the workload of the machines.
16. Provide after-sales service and technical training for customers and agents, including but not limited to equipment safety, operation, maintenance, and die casting process training.
17. Translate service files into local languages if necessary.

India / Full-Time / 3-5 Years of Experience / Service Department

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Die Casting Machine Sales Manager

2 years working experience at die casting industries, better to know the whole process for internal business process

Knowledge and Skills:
1. Should have capacity to do the commerical negoation with customers;
2. Knows comeptitors inchlude its product;
3. Good at anlysising the price level to assist you discuss with customer.

Education Qualification and Major:
College or bachelor degree;

1. Discuss with TC manage to collect all Die caster and make list, make a visit plan to visit customers;
2. Knows customer requriement and quote, follow up;
3. Keeping good relationship with customers during the sales activities;
4. Output the discussing cases and statue, discuss with headquater monthly;
5. Knowing the market situation and output an report quarterly;
6. Cordination between service team and customer for some service issue;
7. Have strong communication capacity & reply customers/HQ on time.

India / Full-Time / 3-5 Years of Experience / Sales Department

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